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Ten Percent - Hollywood Can Be Murder is a police procedural mystery written by D.L. Bruin. Someone is killing and dumping young prostitutes on the hillsides above Los Angeles. Detective Max Calderas and her partner, Greg London, have not been able to get a handle on the killer, who's been dubbed The Coyote by the press because of the bite marks found on the victims' bodies. Shelly Monroe is not really concerned about the situation. Her energy is directed towards making her small talent agency into a superstar. When one of her clients, Cody Clifton, a young country hopeful, lands the starring part in the Chuck Dallas series, Shelly's got her golden goose. She moves her offices to a better location, gets a makeover and new car, and seems to have it made. Or does she?

D.L. Bruin's noir mystery, Ten Percent - Hollywood Can Be Murder, blends the police procedural and psychological thriller genres. The author's long relationship with Hollywood and the acting industry lends an authentic feel to the story. He gives the reader an insider's view of the business, both from the actor's and the talent agent's perspective, and the result is a wry, humorous and ironic story that works quite well. Detectives Calderas and London are strong, well-defined characters who merit, in my opinion, at least a few more LA cases to solve. Cody Clifton and his fellow actor and friend, Jimmy Bodine, are equally intriguing, and the glimpses seen of their disturbing pasts add depth and dimension to the story. Bruin's plot is clever and thought-provoking, and his writing style makes getting involved in Ten Percent an effortless and continuing pleasure. Ten Percent - Hollywood Can Be Murder is highly recommended.

-Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

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Ten Percent - Hollywood can be Murder - 5 stars

Ten Percent: Hollywood Can Be Murder is a thriller with a dark sense of humour, that takes the reader through the sinister side of Tinseltown. Agent Shelley Monroe has struck gold in signing TV's newest star, Cody Clifton. However, Cody's life is not as perfect as it seems and his demons may succeed in derailing his success. Detective Maxine Calderas is hunting a prostitute killer when she becomes convinced Shelley has information that could help her solve these crimes. Cue an exciting thriller in which each of the protagonists has something to lose.

The first thing to mention about this novel is the exceptional characterisation; each individual has their likeable traits, their secrets, and their dark sides. The multifaceted nature of the characters and plot makes for an unpredictable read in which everything ticks by at a hundred miles an hour in spite of the complexity. This book is a masterpiece in terms of construction.

The wry touches of humour are many, some unmissable, some subtle enough that you may not catch them on a first read. The author really makes the most of every line.  The writing is to a very high standard with great word choices and word economy.


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An adventurous dark romp through the eyes of a Hollywood insider. Women are dying. Everyone is dying to be in the limelight...How far can one shift one's moral center in exchange for fame and fortune? Enjoy the twists and turns that D.L. Bruin presents in this psychological thriller. A true page turner.


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A well written, suspenseful look at the entertainment industry and the twisted ethics some will pursue to attain power and fame. DL Bruin , an industry insider, paints a portrait that will keep both the pages and your stomach turning. It is excellent fiction that will change your perception of Hollywood.



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